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Insider Trades :

Investing AI:

The Finance & Investment Analysis GPT is an advanced virtual consultant, specialized in providing comprehensive insights and strategies across diverse financial and investment domains

Profit First:

Become more profitable, automate accounts, manage cash.

Tax Advisor AI:

Creative tax expert for personal and business advice

Property Taxes GPT:

Ask it anything about any county, state, etc. It can analyze trends, perform research, prepare comps, analyze comps, and generate reports and templates for you (Word and Excel). The best results come from great prompting.

StreamFlix and Chill:


This Guide is intended to help small entities comply with the beneficial ownership information reporting

Project Manager GPT

Project planning, resource allocation, and progress tracking


Expert in strategy, persuasion, and influence

Prompt Genius

The Best Prompt Generator Based on Leading Research

Poison Control GPT

Prevent poisonings, save lives, and limit injury

Grants GPT:

Federal, state, and local grant search and aid.

CBT GPT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

Dedicated to improving mental wellness

Building Inspector GPT

Review building inspections, building codes, determine risks, what needs to be fixed, estimate what needs to be corrected.

Scholarship GPT